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Dear Parents and carers,
Can I take this opportunity to thank you all very much for the kindness and support you have given me over this first year for me in Greenburn.  I am so sad to see my leavers move on to Sanderson and Rutherglen high and wish them all the best.    I’m sure they will nurture and look after them just as well as we have done.  The past few week’s events have been a joy to share with the pupils.  Thank you also for your kindness towards the staff.  The thoughtfulness of the gifts you have given us have been overwhelming but as I always say to parents, this is our job and although it is more than a job to us, we do not expect these wonderful gifts.
I have a wonderful staff team here in Greenburn without whom, my first year here would have been impossible an excellent team of teachers and support staff.   My particular thanks go to my team of Senior Managers.  Ceanna, Pamela and Carol who have supported me so wonderfully but most of all to Ann and Marie who keep me right, share the great times and the not so great times and pick up after my mistakes!!! I owe them so much.  I would like you to know what wonderful people they all are and how much they are valued.
Thank you also for filling the annual questionnaire with such wonderful comments and feedback. We are overwhelmed by your supportive, positive comments.  In the new term I will publish the findings from the questionnaire.
All that remains is for me to wish you all a very safe, happy and enjoyable summer with your wonderful children.  We will see them all back on 15th August and look forward to welcoming our new P1 pupils then.
Kind Regards
Maria Neil