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Hello everyone, Our Cabin has arrived.   There is still a bit of work to do and once it is completely finished we need to get it painted and landscaped, so if any of you can help with this can you let me know.  It would have to be within the Covid rules of course.

As a school we have decided to dedicate the cabin to Billy, as a celebration of his life.  We would like a name for it, so there is a poll on our facebook page if you input your suggestion.

Billy's death has had an impact on every part of our school community and so we would like you to join us in consultation of this.  
We intend to have a grand opening for the children and Billy's family but this may have to be in the future depending on the restrictions.

We are so excited about this improvement to our school.  Another big thank you to all of you for the marvellous fundraising which has helped us to achieve this.